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Casting your Imagination.

Would be a pleasure to cast for you





V-JAYA Produced -  6.72 Million Handles & Ironmongery , 3.75 Million Auto Parts, 1.27 Million Others (Aviation,Medical etc)

In 2019-20

Justifying its tagline 'Casting your imagination', at V-JAYA, we intend to provide you  with endless possible products suiting every client. We aim to provide you the best casted products at a reasonable price, this make V-JAYA one of its kind.

We are capable of making any products desired by the client. In past we have supplied several die casted auto-parts,door handles ,knobs, hooks and other homefit products.We have also supplied die casted toys such as fidget spinners and cars.

V-JAYA doesn't see itself as a single product company, that has a particular product line,but a company that could produce any product as per the demand of the client; from a complex engine part to a simple door lever,we would cast anything and  everything you could ask from a die casting firm.

Customized Product Development for - Automotive, Aviation, Medical, Defense and Home Improvement Industry.


Handle on plate

Handle On Rose 

Numbers & Alphabets 

Hooks & Knobs 

Door Stopper & Latches 

Hinges,Indicator Bolt and more.

Available Finishes & Packaging

  • Gold
  • Polished Brass 
  • Satin Brass
  • Antique Brass
  • Chrome 
  • Satin chrome 
  • Nickel 
  • Satin Nickel 
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze  Matt 
  • Bronze 
  • Glossy Black  
  • Matt Black
  • Ceramic White/Maroon/Black and Grey
  • Dual Tone customized finishing


  • Blister Pack
  • Clam Pack
  • Skin Pack 
  • Printed Poly packs
  • Customized Box packing 
  • Premium Box Packing