Casting your Imagination.

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We TAKE IN pride our 100% In-House production with the following facilities

  • Casting (Sand and Gravity)
  • Lathe, Grinding, Milling, Drilling, Taping, Lancer, & Power Press machines
  • Forging machine capable of up to 400 tons variable load
  • Electrostatic Lacquer
  • Electrophoretic Lacquer (one of the most clean and effective plants)
  • Electrostatic Spray Lacquer
  • Zinc Die casting Machines
  • Ultrasonic Degreasing
  • Electroplating and Anodizing Plants
  • Polishing in variety of finishes
  • Powder Coating
  • (Computerized Numerical Control) C.N.C. Wire Cut Machine
  • Automatic Polybag Packing Machine

Core values

  • Quality and On-Time delivery
  • Stringent quality measures and inspection at every step of production.
  • In house R & D and manufacturing.
  • Additional warehousing capabilities of over 35,000 square feet.
  • NO Extra charge or Rush charge
  • Certified by most valuable organisations
  • Govt. of India recognized Export House 
  • Rated by state export organisation for our credibility.

Product Development expertise

The company is endeavored to new product developments and with the team of highly technical & skilled staff; it is committed to satisfy the customers by continual improvement in product quality & services.

  • Research and Tooling department
  • Custom product development through AutoCAD software
  • Testing Lab